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We believe in taking care of each Landlord's property with the same care as if it was ours.  Being a Landlord and owning my own rental properties, I can understand and relate to the needs of Landlords and their properties.  We believe in treating each client's individual needs with the attention and care deserved.  We believe that reliable management services and integrity are a must.  We believe in taking care of our Landlords, but not at the expense of the residents.  We believe that happy renters stay longer, cause fewer problems, pay higher rents, and are a valuable asset to any Landlord.  We believe in routine maintenance and making necessary repairs to preserve property values and facilitate increased rental income and resale values.



I have been working in the Real Estate Industry since 1984.  I have experience in different fields and aspects of the industry, but what I love is Property Management.  Being a Landlord myself, I feel that I relate to my Landlords and can better understand their needs.  I have worked for different Property Management Companies and assisted them in their growth and in their initiation of workable management policies.  As an individual running my own Property Management Service, I feel that I can better serve my cliental in their individual needs without the rigid bureaucracy associated with a lot of Management Companies.  We specialize in reliable management services for the residential market primarily.  We can handle everything from your single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, duplexes and multi-unit buildings, apartment complexes, and homeowner associations.  We can also handle your commercial needs.





Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Adelanto, Phelan, Oak Hills,

Redlands, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Upland, Montclair, Fontana,

San Bernardino, Rialto, Redlands, Big Bear area,

and most areas in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties



Analyzing Trends/Maximizing Cash Flow:

Everyone agrees that vacant properties don't pay well...  We analyze market trends through the use of Multiple Listing Services, Property Management Forums, and daily involvement.  Maximizing a Landlord's cash flow is accomplished by marketing the property at fair market value.  Landlords need to understand that areas are constantly changing and so consequently are rental rates.  If a property does not rent quickly, it is usually better to lower the rental price or offer a move-in incentive in order to fill the vacancy.  We can always raise the rent later after the resident has moved in and formed a psychological bond with the unit.

Advertising Strategies:

Everyone still agrees that vacant properties still don't pay well... Advertising is a key factor.  You need to let as many prospective renters know about your property as possible.  The more people that we can interest in the property, the better choices of renters we will have to pick from.  To follow is a list of advertising methods we employ... that work well.


1)Signs- Place
a sign on the property.  Also place signs in the neighboring areas that point to the subject unit.  How is someone driving through going to know that there is a unit available in the area if there aren't any signs or indications?

2)Referrals- We call around to other agencies and let them know that we have your unit available.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool in renting your property.  Again, the more people that know about the unit for rent, the better off we are.  

3)Rental Lists- We maintain a handout/mail-out list of properties available that we can supply to other agencies and to prospective renters looking to move.

4)Waiting Lists- We also maintain a waiting list of prospective renters that we have talked to who are searching for a place to rent.

5)Newspapers- We find that if a unit does not rent within the first few days that we have it available, that classified advertising can be a useful channel for letting prospective renters know about your property.  There is an expense for classified advertising versus the other forms of advertising, but we try and minimize the cost as much as we possibly can.  We run detailed advertisements with as much area coverage as possible to get as many responses in the shortest period of time that we can.

6)Government Agencies- Many owners find that government programs such as Section 8 can be beneficial.  If your property qualifies and you are interested, we have the experience to work with such programs in getting your property rented.

7)Internet-  We can use the internet to advertise our listings to people across the nation and the world.  Yellow Page listings are available to anyone on the internet. Visit our website at



We encourage our Landlords to make necessary repairs as soon as possible and to set aside funds for unforeseen maintenance issues.  In an ideal world nothing would ever break or wear out and maintenance charges would not exist, but this is not how things happen in the rental world.  Things do break and wear out and we do have maintenance charges.  But, we try to provide you with fast, efficient, and affordable repairs.  We use licensed and insured repairmen and always try to get you the best possible price for any job... no matter how big or small.  We can also work with any repairmen that you have already set-up for your particular property.  Just keep in mind that properties that are taken care of attract better renters and better renters tend to stay longer and pay higher rents. For your convenience, we do have an in-house maintenance department but do work with some of the best outside contractors in the local areas.



Preferred Resident Profile

We stick to our guns on the quality of renter that we want in your property.  We thoroughly screen each application for the "right stuff".  We want to see:

1. Verified stable income three times or greater that of the monthly rent.

2. Verified good rental references from previous Landlords.  We verify the Landlord information given by the applicant against public records and we contact each previous Landlord given by the applicant.

3. Acceptable credit report on each applicant over the age of eighteen (without open bankruptcies, unpaid judgments, unpaid electric/gas/water/trash bills).

4. Proof of identity for each applicant over the age of eighteen.

5. Clear felony and drug conviction criminal report on each adult applicant.

6. No evictions or landlord judgments allowed for any adult applicant.

7. All move-in fees paid prior to anyone taking possession of the premises. (Unless prior arraignments are made).

No application process is a 100% guarantee, but if the proper steps are taken during the application process you can greatly minimize the chances of getting a bad renter.

It is important to go over the rental contract, rental policy and expectations with each renter at the initiation of the relationship. Once you have the renter in place, you want to keep them in your unit paying rent as long as possible.  To do this, you must respond to their needs in a timely manner.  We make renters accountable for their responsibilities such as maintaining the premises; paying the rent; adhering to the rules of Crime Free Housing (for residential units); and for paying for any repairs they are responsible for.  We also hold our Landlords accountable to provide us with a quality product to maintain the quality not only for the residents but for their own preservation of property value and potential resale value.


* Provide reliable management services

* Acquire the best possible renter in a rapid and aggressive manner

* Timely rental collections or the initiation of proper actions

* We offer our tenants on-line payment services for ease and comfort

* Pay mortgage, homeowners association fees, utilities, etc. from owner's funds if needed by Landlord

*Take care of necessary maintenance and/or repair items from owner's funds in a timely and professional manner

*Send monthly itemized statements to all clients promptly that include all money collected and all  disbursements made

* We offer the option to our landlords to have their funds done by direct deposit to their bank account

*Handle the day-to-day property and resident issues

*Provide for flexible management agreements and fees

*Effectively screen each applicant for rental

*Properly prepare the lease for your property, protecting your investment and interests

*Handle written reports for initial move-ins and for final move-outs.  Making sure to have proper accounting for any move-out discrepancies prior to releasing a renter's security deposit

*Our services are tailored to meet your special needs

*We also have a full service maintenance department for those clients that need it

*Our tenants have the option of making on-line payments from our safe and secure site

*Our landlord clients also have the option of paying on-line for advertising, repairs, or other items for their properties from our safe and secure site

*For clients with a need for Small Claims and Garnishments, we can help

* We do legal notices – We do drive-by inspections – We do interior inspections – We are licensed Home Inspectors – We do leasing services – We do clean-up inside & outside – We do demolition – We do janitorial – We do routine maintenance – We do repair work & painting– We do monthly management – We do rent collections – We help Landlords with small claims actions – We do lease options – We do real estate listings & sales – We do “for sale by owner” listings –  We can also manage HOA’s -Ask… if you need it for your property we either do it or have the resources to get it done.




Although we try to work with each individual's needs,

these are some of our basic rates...


For Properties We Manage:


Monthly Management Fees (House):  10% of the monthly rent for occupied residences or $75 per month,  whichever is greater.  

                                                                   Owners with multiply rentals will receive a discounted monthly rate.

Lease-up/Placement Fees (House):   25% of the monthly rent or $250, whichever is greater + two weeks free MLS advertising 

                                                                 Military received a month free MLS advertising

3-day Notice Service Fee (House):    $30 per occurrence (back charged to tenant)

Most additional services are included in the monthly management fees for residential.


Monthly Management Fees (Commercial):    10% of the monthly rent for occupied units or $100 per month, whichever is greater.  

                                                                                Owners with multiply commercial sites will receive a discounted monthly rate.

Lease-up/Placement Fees (Commercial):       50% of the monthly rent + advertising costs in local paper (if applicable). 

                                                                                Advertising on web and other resources are included in fee.

3-day Notice Service Fee (Commercial):         $45 per occurrence (back charged to tenant)


Monthly Management Fees (Apartments):     8%-12% of the monthly rents depending on complex size and rents

Lease-up/Placement Fees (Apartments):        25% of the monthly rent or $250, whichever is greater + two weeks free MLS advertising 

                                                                                Military received a month free MLS advertising

3-day Notice Service Fee:                                  $30 per occurrence (back charged to tenant)

Most additional services are included in the monthly management fees for residential.


For Properties We Do Not Manage:

For Landlords and clients who manage their own properties but need an extra hand once in a while, we have some of the most reasonable service rates in the area.

Lease-up/Placement Fees (residential):          50% of the monthly rent or $250, whichever is greater

3-day Notice Service Fees:                                 $30-$50 per occurrence

Other Notice Service Fees:                                 $30-$50 per occurrence


Interior Inspection:                                               with verbal report                                $25

with pictures and written report        $45

Drive-by Inspection:                                            with verbal report                                $20

with pictures and written report        $35

Check-on Tenant:                                                $30 per occurrence

Special Appearance in Court:                          $30 for the first hour and $15 for each additional hour

Meet Sheriff for Eviction Lock-out:                     $30 per occurrence (locksmith is extra)

Move-out Inspection:                                         with written report only                       $30

with written report and pictures        $45

Emergency or General Maintenance:             based on a per job status

Rent Ready or Cleaning Services:                    based on a per job status





We also handle most all other Real Estate Services and Realty needs.

Just ask us for what you need. 

We can help.

We are a full service Real Estate Company.


If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of Property Management or other services with Capital Development, please feel free to contact us today.  We will be happy to go over your individual needs and answer all of your questions.   We will provide you with a written proposal if requested.


(760) 243-4406 Office

 (760) 243-4407 Facsimile


Thank you for taking the time to review this information. 


We look forward to talking to you soon.